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June 03, 2007


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That's remarkable. Virginia has given thousands of names of people who have never committed a crime to the federal database and Virginia law allows prosecutors to access defendants mental health records for trial, and yet a therapistin Virginia doesn't have a duty to warn an identifiable possible victim?

Common sense would base confidentiality restrictions on behavior and actual threats rather than on broad categories such as having been involuntarily committed at some point in time. Unfortunately, prejudice and fear-mongering rule the day in regards to people with psychiatric labels in Virginia, not common sense.

Romeo  Vitelli

My understanding is that Virginia doesn't have Tarasoff provisions in place but I'm sure that informal warning procedures probably exist as they do in most jurisdictions without mandatory warning provisions. In Ontario where I practice, it is mandatory to break confidentiality with respect to child abuse and professional misconduct but not with respect to threats to life. Still, no Ontario therapist who breaks confidentiality to warn a victim has ever been successfully penalized for it.

Kyle Jacobs

Not to quibble, but Tatiana Tarasoff was not a daughter of a UC faculty member. Her father was a auto mechanic -- a violent and alcoholic one to boot.

Romeo  Vitelli

There's nothing wrong with quibbling, it's one of my favourite pastimes. There seems to be some confusion about the father's occupation in the source materials I used so I decided to remove all references to his line of work. I knew about the allegations about Tatiana's history of abuse but I decided not to include it since it wasn't really relevant to the case. Thsnks for posting.


It would be much appreciated if you included the references you used.

Romeo  Vitelli

I added several links in the text to some of the sources that I used.

eileen wenig

Prosenjit Poddar is abusive to his current wife in India. She is living in hell with his controlling, domineering ways. Unfortunately, there is no help available for her and she will have to live with this situation. He will probably end up killing her too.


Eileen- how do you know this? I know Vito Tarasoff (the father, here in Berkeley).


I live in India and they are my neighbors. She comes to my house in tears when he is abusive to her.

nick kaplan

does she know he is a murderer?

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