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September 23, 2007


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Alison Hymes

You're right that there is no way to know for sure how things could have turned out differently, but if speculation is allowed, the problem of parents who want to maintain control over an adult child remains to this day and continues in my opinion to cause many problems for the adult children of these parents.

Of course just being in the asylum could have caused PTSD, who knows, but having parents who could hold that over him was bound to have a psychological effect on him.

Adults need to separate from their parents, we all know that, and yet when it comes to adults with psychiatric labels, many seem to forget what they know.

Romeo Vitelli

The additional problem is that there is no actual evidence that William was ever mentally ill. His parents used their influence to keep him out of jail and locked up in their sanatorium "for his own good". They may have felt justified in doing what they did but it still marked their son.


Living up to one's potential, what a terrible phrase that is. Seems many people (if not most) don't.

David Harmon

So, apparently the parents decided that letting him go to jail for 18 months was so intolerable, that they just had to put him in an even more controlling environment. Not only confining him, but also making it clear that they considered his greatest resource and ability (intelligence) to be fundamentally flawed ("insane"). Oh yeah, and forget that 18-month sentence, if he didn't knuckle under, they'd just leave him in the looney bin forever.

And then they probably wondered why their brilliant little boy didn't want to fulfill their ambitions anymore....

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