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March 20, 2012


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What? Are you really blaming "Christians" for this unspeakably horrific crime? Absolutely ridiculous.

This has to be one of the worst examples of irresponsible journalism I've ever had the misfortune of reading. I just LOVE how you flippantly accuse Christians of "targeting immigrant families" to suggest that they condone or support this kind of violence. I've never heard of any Christian groups--fringe or otherwise--who would instigate or approve of such an action. So, what was the evidence you provided for this inflammatory indictment again? What? Oh, I forgot--there was none.

Apparently responsible journalism really is dead.

Romeo  Vitelli

The increasing influence of some evangelical Christian groups in fostering anti-witch campaigns directed against women, children and others in parts of Africa is well-documented. Although evangelism hasn't been directly implicated in this particular case, police experts have been warning of a possible evangelical role in the rise of anti-witch violence in the U.K. The story that I referenced provides information to that effect.

As well,you can reference the following stories:





If I were to observe the principle of charity in this little debate, I would have to assume that you have no idea what the word "evangelical" represents, and are grossly ignorant of the Christian faith as a whole--as opposed to being intentionally disingenuous, denigrating and prejudiced.

The articles referenced in the previous comments are just more of the same vitriol against "Christians" that is spewed here. As usual the Huffington Post article is particularly biased, misleading and offensive. The title of the piece is deliberately deceptive and uses easily recognizable, evangelical terminology to purposely discredit and entire demographic who have absolutely no commonalities in faith and practice with these destructive and vicious African cults. But then...I'm guessing you knew that already.

If I were more of a conspiracy theorist, I'd be thinkin' that "Christians" are the new "Black."

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