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June 07, 2007


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I strongly feel that the committee that has been formed will be biased in the their final report opsoing change for gays and any time of therapy. This committee should be evenly balanced in order to reach an undiased opinion on all issues mentioned above.

Romeo  Vitelli

It remains to be seen what their conclusions will be. It is to be expected that the final report will be based on actual empirical research rather than the opinions of the committee members. One trusts that the same will hold true for those who oppose their findings.


Everyone is debating the issue of reparative therapy which is promoted by various religious groups.
The focus for APA should be putting together a recommended therapy carried out by qualified psychologists for those adult individuals who desparately want this and are committed to change.
If an individualy wants to remain gay, then that is their right.If an individual wants to change their sexual orientation to heterosexual, that is their right.
APA has to address both issues!
One can try to say it is harmful to change, but, if an person is committed to change to heterosexual and wants this, it is just as harmful not to this person not to help this person achieve their goal. Yes, the road my be difficult but with proper help they can achieve their goal.
Again, the APA has to address both sides of the issue.
For the APA to reach the decision that change is wrong, is not the right answer for some people!

Romeo  Vitelli

I believe the question that APA is debating is whether or not changing one's sexual orientation is even possible. In the decades before homosexuality was dropped from the DSM (and decriminalized), numerous extreme treatments were tried ranging from behavioural modification to psychoanalysis to various types of medical therapies (hormonal, ECT, etc). The success rate for these types of treatment has always been abysmal and seemed to focus more on getting the homosexual in question to say the right things, i.e. that the cure worked and everything was fine. Most "success stories" that have been publicized seem to be spread by those with an ideological axe to grind. For the record, bisexuals who suppress their same-sex leanings do not become heterosexual, they are just bisexuals who suppress their same-sex leanings.


It is absolutely wrong for the APA to say that it is impossible for anyone person to change their sexual orientation.
There are individuals who have gone through this, and are living happy, normal, heterosexual lives. They have not spoken or written publically about their experiences. For most individuals, this is a very private matter.
Agin, there are private success stories out there. People who have successfully achieved their own personal need to change their sexual orientation to heterosexual
without going through extreme treatment measures as you noted above.
Again, the APA needs to look at this and not just give a blanket statement saying that it is impossible for anyone to change there sexual orientation and that it is harmful to try.

Romeo Vitelli

Until these "private success stories" come forward, we are not in a position to evaluate the methods that they used to change their orientation (or even whether such a change has actually happened). Like it or not, the only public advocates of reparative therapy most definitely do present as having an ideological axe to grind and the entire question of reparative therapy has become politicized as a result.


This should not have become a politicized issue. Privacy is an important issue to many. I respect that deeply. Everything about one's personal life does not have to be made public.
Again, there are so many people who do not want to make any publically about their personal life and things they have gone through. I can understand this and respect this.
Groups and individuals who have made this a politicized issue are the ones screaming the loudest.
You are still making very generalized assumpations about everything.

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