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September 09, 2007


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Interesting post, however, it would seem to me that street children still are exposed to socialization skills among humans that a feral child would be lacking.

Romeo  Vitelli

It can certainly be argued that street children are undersocialized. They can form into gangs and access certain types of social services (depending on the available resources). Some countries are more hostile to street children than others and the risks they face can be greater. Whether these children will ever be able to make a successful transition to adulthood is definitely open to question.


A number of reactions:

1) Recoiling. Because the implicit fear for those of us who were abused is that if there was a critical period--what may we never be able to recover from and/or what skills may we never be able to learn?

2) Realization I'm doing just fine.

3) Curiosity. Wondering if the critical period is about the capacity to learn a given skill OR if it's about critical periods when the motivation will be sufficiently strong to learn those skills. (This matters because if it's an issue of motivation, one might be able to find a solution.)

4) A chilling sense of the implications that there are so many areas of the world where kids are forced by war or poverty or other circumstances to essentially be feral.

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