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January 20, 2008


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Steven Davies

I've heard about Doris long before and I've read your post with interest.
The only thing that I knew before that was that she had bacterial vaginosis but in 1910 I think that there were no treatment for this disease..


You probably aren't following up on this. But in case you are, there's an article in the October 1, 1938 issue of Liberty Magazine called "I Was Five Girls", which was purportedly told by Doris to a writer (if i remember correctly). (This Liberty Magazine isn't the one that's published now by a religious organization--it was published from 1924-1950 and is secular.)

I read this when I was young- my dad had some old Liberty issues that he or his parents had read years before. I think I might have read "Sybil" by this time, so the case was interesting to me and I always remembered it.

I see it's available from Amazon also. I haven't purchased it yet, so I don't know if there's any more information in there, though the fact it was published after Walter Prince's death may be significant, or maybe not.

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