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July 16, 2009


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I had not been aware of something like ADHD. Thanks for this nice and informative posting.

Sharan Balani

Interesting, considering I have the oposite effect when drinking alcohol! I find I need twice as much as most of my friend to reach a buzz and even then I find it lasts only half as long. And even whilst Impaired I find it also doesnt affect my judgement much beyond what I'd do sober (only a little bit), and never enough that i dont realise when I should stop. I'd also like to note as an ADHD-er I have never had a hangover and in fact find that alcohol IMPROVES my sleep after consumption (I do however have a personal rule to consume between two glassess of water and 2L of water before bed)


My son is in jail due to his poor impule control.he was warned to touch alcohol the minute he uses he looses his inhibitions and something takes over and now he is locked up .I feel my son is a victim of today's binge drinking society plus the fact ADHD compounds it.thiswill be my defense.all my son has to do is never touch alcohol .is it possible even thoug he regrets every time he is in trouble with the law

Trace Borden

I have severe ADHD and i can tell you binge drinking is huge among us, i also have sleep apnea and deprivasation (completely sucks) and its severe as well. Ive never used adhd as an excuse but i have a criminal record now because of alcohol( nothing violent)all depends on chemical inbalances in brain how severe it is.am trying to fight a felony dui charge i got 2 nights ago... first off i could drink anybody under the table and have to drink twice as much to even get a buzz but wen it does catch up to me i turn into a person people say isnt me, with drunkin yelling raging and blacking out by minutes continuosly, i know not wat i did the night before the next day. Everybody has different adhd wether big or little, minor or severe. Im 27 now and trust me it gets way worse with age. Im getting back on meds which ive been off since high

school. Reason i stopped them is didnt believe i was different but that aint the case, my life is about ruined and its barely started. If u abuse alcohol u gota stop it gets really SCARY with time. Dont wait til its too late get on meds again immidiately!! If anybody has questions i have way more to say. STOP DRINKING! And to sharon that doesnt get hangovers TRUST ME you eventually will and then down hill from there period. I know from experience! I was big into drinking

AJ Randall

I'm 38 and diagnosed with ADHD only 2 months ago...not yet started the medication, but can attest to the comments above...last night I had a binge drinking episode of which I have no memory today, and have really scared everyone around me on our holiday...probably ruined the experience for everyone. After four drinks there is no stopping me, and everyone says I get to a point where it is not me any more, like there is a monster inside me, raging being abusive, volatile, violent. This is not an isolated incident, there have been many and numerous episodes, fallen off balconies, gotten into fights, luckily to have not been locked up.
I agree...the only thing to do is not to drink, and be medicated. I am very relieved to have been diagnosed with this disorder, as it explains everything...I too did not think it was me, and thought everyone else has the problem...but after 38 years of impulsive behaviour, rages, impatience, poor concentration, inability to study, can't sit still, cannot focus even during conversations I have initiated, I am looking forwards to getting home and being medicated for this condition. I broke all the rules last night, had more than four drinks, and did not stick to beer, instead drinking spirits. I feel very ashamed because at my age I should know better.

Romeo  Vitelli

There's no reason for shame so long as you learn from the experience. Simply taking the medication probably isn't enough on its own though. Medical monitoring in conjunction with substance abuse counseling is probably best.


i am a Doc..I have been through almost every med to help with my adhd..nothing worked and i have abdominal tightness for 10 yrs..the only relief has been a small dose of vodka to relax me..every other drug sends me for a spin...I had 10 yrs of GI tests..normal...i can work and see 150 patients a day..go home mow the lawn...skim the pool...run 5 mi...work until 1am..sleep 5 hrs..see 1o pt at the hosplial in the am...no end to the things i can get done...I would like to get a med instead of the sm dose of vodka...see davidkeagle.com for my story...help if anyone has been through my path..Dr Dave...davidkeagle2gmail.com


Yeh I just got diagnosed with ADHD, and alchohol has always made me MORE coherent- I often find my impulses are MORE controlled than normal (probably because it relaxes me) and have never had problems with drinking too much. Huh.

Lisa Sanger

My son was just diagenosed with ADHD. They say its genetic. I was with his father for 13 yrs. I have endured verbal and physical abuse, not to mention stds from him sleeping around. He's always been the type to run around alot and blame me for every little thing that goes wrong in his life. We have 5 children together and he hasn't sat still for a moment to see them grow up. He has several DUI's and cannot keep a job. He hasn't had a job in 6 yrs. He sleeps all the time, and lives in the dark. He doesn't have anymore friends his age and he doesn't care if he lives or dies. He is very frivolous with his money and doesn't care where it goes and thats not responsibility. He is 37 yrs old and my childern are missing out on there dad. Its not fare to anyone. He self medicates himself to stay calm and not srtessed. He has adult ADHD and wont admit he has a problem so he can get help. He didnt finish High School, dropped out, and has been a problem child all his life. A bad combination of ADHD, depression, an Alcohol, its like a domino effect as he gets older.


What many of you are calling ADHD sounds more like a Bipolar disorder. There are a lot of overlapping symptoms and it is sometimes very difficult to tell them apart (and yes, people can have BOTH). make sure to get a proper diagnosis, because the treatment protocols are VERY different!

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