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August 02, 2009


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No scientist in history had the power to worry world authorities the way Tesla did.
He was a terrifyingly brilliant man.

ken biggs

I believe Tesla was far more brillant than Edison,but Edison was established and set out to destroy Tesla, which he did mainly because of his insistance that DC was the only way to go and his stedfast refusal to agree that AC was far,far better the DC if delivered over a few hundred feet


Greatest man of his time and our time. It's amazing what one person can do. I would be lucky to even do one great thing in my life and be remembered for it. What Tesla did and the legacy he left for science- brilliant.


An absolutely fascinating man.


Edison was at 1 level but Tesla was many level high then Edison....

great Tesla


It seems he was murdered to me.....


Tesla was by far a better inventor than Edison given that Edison took a hefty amount of his ideas. It is too bad what happened to Tesla and really spikes my curiosity what the world would be like if he became more successful.

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