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November 16, 2010


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Those are not the symptoms of schizophrenia. No paranoia, no thought disorder, at least not from what's stated in the article... there seems to be no reason to diagnose her with that beyond the fact that she's obviously got something wrong with her.

the episodes of memory loss and wandering sound more like some kind of non-convulsive seizure. though they would have to be very long ones.

If she were asleep when it happened, it could also be REM behavioural disorder, i.e. acting out your dreams. The hallucinations sound very dreamlike.

Romeo  Vitelli

The schizophrenia diagnosis is what armchair clinicians typically seem to favour in sight-unseen patients since it's the most well known mental disorder. Whether she has a major mental illness, a neurological condition, or even a dissociative disorder is something that only a qualified mental health professional should determine after seeing her. Pity they're in short supply in that part of the world.

Mary Murphy

ah, the beauty of technology, it can add real teeth to the "liar, liar pants on fire" accusation.


From the way the story sounds its nothing to do with mental illness, i believe its more of a supernatural thing, the sad thing is that if she remembers these episodes of abduction and tells someone where shes being abducted to, it could be either an alien which i doubt, or fairies, goblins, changlings but they only abduct babies, and/or elfs nobody on this earth would believe her. I wish she could remember where is she being taken, because if she ends up somewhere else naked than i know its to fairyland, if she comes back home and feel nausaus, dizzy, strong migraine, some nose bleeds, or any kind of dotted marking on her skin than its definitely aliens,,, but i have a feeling its to fairyland she's being taken to. You guys i dare for you to insult this comment, i believe and i wish i could communicate with her in person, but if anyone insults this issue i gaurantee that the same thing may happen to you or even worse, so pray that your blood type is not negative because you will be taken away from aliens....

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