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April 19, 2011


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Monsters like this should be executed in public and once they are proved to be guilty. Not to be kept, fed in jails: she does not deserve it. As per her partner Blaine: another nutcase: still on death row in Texas since 2010: wasting the tax payer's $ in rubbish people. Come on!!!


The mother should have gotten the death penalty , it was because oh her that this happened and she could of stopped it , she’s the worst one focus on her. both of them deserve to die . Meanwhile they sit in prison don’t waste your time on this people , there not your time or mine , and for Baby Amora , she had a vey hard life , in such little time . May she Rest In Peace


My opinion of this heinous horrific crime to a helpless baby lays mostly unto Jessica Carson. Milam is (forgive me) so innocently stupid and combined w/ the effects of methemphitimes and along w/ Jessica's highly psychotic mind was able to persuade Milam into believing anything she said. He was pathetically manipulated by Jessica. I believe Milam when he says:"I don't know what to do" twice. He does not 'get it' due to his stupidity, something he doesn't understand or is aware of.
She, Jessica needs to be on death row.


they both need exterminating and to feel pain , i'm not a big right wing advocate but when something like this happens beyond words its unimaginable , i'm liberal but believe these animals sorry its an insult to an animal these non human pieces of s**t !
need exterminating and in an horrific way ,,, god oh my god imagine that poor that poor childs suffering her face her screams and distress i'd castrate him and burn him alive , they should've killed themselves just for thinking of hurting the baby

Un known sourse

The mother of Milan Shirley, had all the knowledge of all the events happening in that home but did nothing to stop it . In my opinion she should have been arrested to . She could have prevented this horrific crime against this poor baby girl . Believe me I’m incomplete agreement on the fact they should both be sentenced to death for what they did . The mother of Milan should have been convicted too .

Theresa A DiRocco

I agree that Jessica should have gotten death too because she was smarter then Blaine in so many ways, she used his previous crime for her advantage to avoid death penalty, notsaying what he did was right but he clearly was not the bright light in this case. I hope he gets a stay Tuesday and they look at his mental illness and commute his sentence to life. But Texas hardly gives clemency. Whitaker who killed his mother and brother then left his father injured was granted clemency, he set up they’re murders for no reason but because he was a sociopath he had no clear concerns of what had done, but his dad showed him love and mercy. But Blaine comes from poverty and drugs it’s not likely but I pray god can spare h8m too.

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