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February 03, 2017


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How bizarre. What a vivid example of how believing in the supernatural is almost hardwired into our brains -- that discrediting him wouldn't stop the fame and the book sales. You can always find a way to rationalize the facts away.

Romeo  Vitelli

He still has supporters and he still sells books. I suppose that's one way to find immortality.

Visvanathan Smedbol

he wrote some very interesting books...even if he was a fraud, he told a good story...his books were never boring.
i came into contact with his series of books just after a near death experience from a bicycle accident...had a broken collarbone, lacerated and bruised head...generally all bruised sore and cut up....couldn't do much...but was interested suddenly in "mind"...due to the "near death" experience...my girlfriend at the time (1974) had T. Lobsang Rampa's entire series (i believe...or if not all, most)...so as she thought it was interesting, and i had nothing much else to do, i started reading them...they were fascinating, colourful, and lots of fun to read...

after i read those, i migrated to the real Tibetans, such as the Dalai Lama, Chogyam Trungpa and folks like that...but i still have a fond spot in my heart for good old T.Lobsang's books....they were romantic adventures if nothing else....you could call them fantastical "historical" (now) romances leavened with a lot of imagination...i liked the tone of his "authorial voice"...it was friendly and inclusive, inviting the reader to feel himself a part of Rampa's group of friends....i liked the books very much at the time.

Abigail Ball

I have seen Dr. Rampa in my yoga nidras for years and still do.

Merrick Tan

Lobsang Rampa may have been a charlatan, but one thing i can say is that his books made a good reading. I remember i read my first Rampa book back in 1982 (?). I was barely in my teens, but was quite the voracious reader. I had a severe stuttering problem esp when speaking in front of people. One of Rampa's books (don't remember which one) talked about self-hypnosis. Would you believe self-hypnosis actually cured me of stuttering ? I even tried to astral-travel but sadly, was unsuccessful. Thank you, Dr. Rampa.


As a true believer in Dr. T. Lobsang Rampa I'll not try to convince but instead point out that Dr Rampa described in his books the process of transmigration which he undertook into the body of Cyril Hodgkins. Believe that or ridicule that without proof on either side and science is absent but there is faith, intuitive knowledge, and belief. My belief in something does not make it so nor does skepticism make it unso. Dr Rampa always stated that everything he said was true and was written from personal experience and that he could do all the things which he said he could do. If you follow the numerous reports of people experiencing out of body events while undergoing surgery or during a near death experience you have a starting point. Now as is often the case, this gets passed off as a figment of the dying brain, until recently that is. The book "Proof of Heaven" by Neurosurgeon Dr Eben Alexander places the notion of Out of Body Experience well into the realms of science since he examined his own OBE through the eyes of a Neurosurgeon and came to some very startling, already accepted by some and known by others, conclusions. But his is just one of many pointers to the truth I have found and experienced throughout the years since first reading Dr Rampas books. Another open minded scientist has also demonstrated and is marketing his device which shows in some subtle detail the Aura that surrounds all living entities, Dr Harry Oldfield. But these are just hints to the truth which one can only discover through an Open Mind. The ignorant past scientific notion that when your dead your dead will be discussed amusingly in the not too distant future. As for proof that's up to the individual to discover through long and dedicated practice for the present. In the not to distant future "science" will confirm the truth of what Dr Rampa wrote about. That scientific journey has already begun I believe.

Demet Wilfred Flores

I have had a few involuntary Out of Body Experience while in college as I was researching on the occult and could attest to what was mentioned on the book. I also consulted a psychic who happened to be my adoptive mother and she related to me a few things to expect when you have an astral experience. Strangely enough those things were mentioned in one of T. Lobsang Rampa's books. However she was so old that she couldn't even read a pocketbook better yet understand fully well the English language so definitely her knowledge about astral projection was all on her own but it was similar to what was on the book. Now on this case if having an out of body experience is the strangest thing that we don't know about in being alive as a human being I suppose it is quite easy for us to doubt the personality of T. Lobsang Rampa. It's just like being inside your house and looking at the world by the window of your room.

We just don't know if by going outside the sunlight could kill us.

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