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April 07, 2017


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Fascinating stuff, I'd never heard of this.

The murders sound like a classic "spree killing" of the kind that make it into the news nowadays - with the difference that the killer didn't manage to kill himself afterwards. I guess it's easy if you have a gun, not so much so when you've only got an axe. But he eventually managed to starve himself to death...

Romeo  Vitelli

There are still questions about Carlton that will likely never be answered.


I just finished reading "Loving Frank" which is an amazing book about Mamah and Frank's relationship. I had no idea it ended this way and was completely devastated when I read the ending last night. A truly awful end.


Oh, my, Lisa. I was devastated as well when I read the ending, late last night. I had no idea. I had to track down the details, which lead me here. It saddened s me so, to think of the murders of not only a mother and her children, but the others as well. unsuspecting. But Mamah knew, something, didn't she. Intuition, we must pay attention to it.

I've always loved Frank Lloyd Wrights design. Toured the Darwin Martin summer home on the shores of lake Erie, Grey Cliffs, near Buffalo this spring and wanted to learn more.

Doug Younkle

The name of the town is Spring Green, not Summer Green.

Romeo  Vitelli

Fixed. Thanks.


How frustrating that Mamah sent that telegram stating only:

"Come as quickly as you can. Something terrible has happened"

Does nobody know what she was referring to?
Clearly she had a major concern, but we don't know what.
I have to wonder if no one, not her family, her friends, the workers frequenting the house ...
did no one know what she knew? Or at least had heard her complaining or worrying about something? Something concerning Julian?
Seems like it was a gossipy environment, surrounding the wealthy Wrights.
Surely many knew more than the history books recorded.

patti powers

Mamah knew she had a serious problem with the Julian person -- and he was clearly out of control --when she realized he was wearing Frank's clothes

Andra Camerota

Omg what a devastating book. I can't even start a new one. I was affected so much by the ending.

Lauren Gosney

I, too, have just finished the book and was absolutely shocked by the ending. The book was well written and I felt I had come to understand Mamah and know her as I would an actual acquaintance. The hideous axe murdering of her and the others was as jolting as if it happened to a friend. I couldn't sleep well last night after finishing the book. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one similarly affected. The author truly has a gift for writing in such a manner that vivid images are conjured in the reader's mind. Also the portrayal of the thoughts and reactions of people illustrate how little our society has changed when it comes to judging others for their transgressions. This story could have been lived and written in 2013 in some communities in this country.

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