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April 06, 2018


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Philostratus Keats

I think your summary of this case is right on the mark.

Here is a link to a 90 minute recording of one
of the Anneliese Michel exorcisms. I think it's blatantly obivous that she's imitating the voice and behavior of Linda Blair in "The Exorcist"

She probably wasn't a deliberate fraud, though. The medications she was taking didn't help either.


Romeo  Vitelli

Thanks for writing. While it's true that the medications weren't helping, we'll never know for sure if her own belief that she was possessed was a factor. If you are convinced that medication is useless in your case, perhaps it's not so surprising that the treatment wasn't working? Or at least, not working as well as it could have.



Romeo  Vitelli

That's debatable.


I once worked with a man who gave off a scary ominous presence. Other people who worked around him had very weird feelings around him also.He did out of the ordinary things also.You could tell he was BAD. I mean like Damion in "Omen".I never believed in possession before and am a very logical person.However in this case we were sure he was possessed.Because of all the weird thigs that went on.I had never met a human that gave off such a feeling.Yes he had the classic symptoms of mental disorders also (narcissism Ect...)But there was more to it than that.It at least made me ponder that maybe everthing is not a psychiatric disorder.Science maybe does not explain everything in our universe.

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