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August 04, 2019


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donald smith

I must have missed the VA's profligacy with painkillers. Their new policy is none. I have never understood 'use' and 'abuse' being used synonymously. When they have been available I've happily used them. When they are not available, or, like now too dangerously adulterated to use, I've gone about my business without them. Could the money I spent have been put to better use? Almost certainly, but I made the calculation and chose to spend it that way. If one is dissatisfied with one's life, any excuse for 'dropping out' will work, including drugs. I'm a bit resentful that I can't get a recreational prescription. That this part of life, like many, is adjudicated according to the needs of the least able among us. Once education is accomplished, the state's obligation is over. Cultural proscriptions can be encouraged, but legal adds another societal thicket.

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